Lead Life to the Way of God with the Bible Based Church Sydney

One cannot live life without God; you should keep the faith always in the God. To go on the way of God, the Bible Based Church, Sydney has been formed in Australia. This service tries to lead people in an honest way; they teach Bible to give the ultimate inspiration to search for the truth.

The purposes

There are many divine purposes to form the Bible Based Church Sydney:

  • To promote godly worship
  • To promote Christian belief for the needy and poor
  • Salvation of souls
  • Spread faith and truth
  • Lead life in the way of God

The church teaches the Bible to give people a reformed faith, inspires the common men and women to confess in front the almighty God. Now the word God describes various meaning, like, men must be lovers of their own covetous, selves, proud, blasphemers, unthankful, unholy, disobedient to parents, trucebreakers, heady, traitors, incontinent, false accusers, fierce, high minded etc.

The action of churches

We see many Churches who promote religious flexibility, and are standing for those persons who try to make a one world religion by various different religions. This is very sad because Christianity does not allow this. Those people are forgetting their most holy faith or purpose. There are many people who forget God, they do not attend Church even; the Bible Based Church Sydney tries to put their trust back. The organization tries to reunite the people in the way of God. There are 400 people from various backgrounds and various areas, there ages are also different. Together they pray to the God, and spend life in the way of God.

Original Article Source: http://ggclife.blogspot.com/2014/12/lead-life-to-way-of-god-with-bible.html

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