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Role and Importance of Church in your life

Sydney, Australia’s capital city is the hub of world renowned Anglican Churches. Church Inner West Sydney is one of them. Churches are here to serve God’s people. They inculcate religious beliefs and practices within the people. They encourage you to believe in the holy Christ Jesus. Being a part of the church you can know more and more people.

Mission and vision of churches:

Churches play a very important role in one’s life. They influence human beings all over the world. They embark hope in people, at church people can serve each other and strengthen each other for God’s love. They preach you to be faithful towards God, worship God and transverse you by the holy God’s spirit.

Importance of Church:

The church plays a vital role in your life. Some people say Christianity will save you and not Churchianity. That is not true; there are various reasons to prove that wrong.

  • First and foremost, as a child is a face of god and is the most pure form of individuality, at this innocent period of their life if anyone can preach those good values and principles in life than it is church.
  • They regain your belief and faith in god.
  • By believing in the spirit of god you can also attain levels of self-confidence and grow in your chosen sectors.
  •  Believing in God makes you believe in yourself

Church Inner West Sydneythe house of gods where you will regain peace, hope and faith in God.

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Important functions of church in today’s life

Once upon a time a mother asks her child “Do you know what churches are for?”  The kid with an innocent smile on her face replies, “Churches are the houses of the Gods, where they live”. As a child, we also used to perceive that Gods lived in Churches which is more or less a profound statement and is too true to an extent.

Christian church Sydney is a peaceful, energetic and divine church in the heart of Sydney, Australia.  This church is one of the world famous Anglican churches of Sydney. These churches strictly follow Anglo-Catholic tradition, with an acute focus on worshipping and social justice issues and also emphasizes on sacraments.

Three major functions of church:

1.   Worship:
The mode of communication with God is only one and that is worship. Of course, one can worship on his own. Here we are talking about the English meaning of worship which relates to word worth. God’s word is determined while worshipping. The church preaches us right ways of worshipping
2.   Spiritual disciplines:
Spiritual discipline is often prayers and religious studies.  Through these studies, one can become more generous and simple.  This also inculcates spiritual habits in oneself, which lasts lifelong
3.   Discipleship:
It is a process of one disciple helping others. The path towards discipleship goes through a church. Prophets and popes guide your way. Being a disciple one can attain the completeness of the Christ.

Aim to attain the levels of Christianity, Christian church Sydney is the answer.

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Jesus Grace Word Church of Sydney is a place to meet Jesus

Sydney is one lucky place to be gifted with a lot many churches. One church among the many churches here is Jesus Grace Church Sydney. What sets it apart from other churches is the fact it organizes various activities for the prosperity of society. Apart from this many offering and prayers are also held here. Churches like this one are the reason why still the teachings of Jesus are alive.

Motive of this Church

The prime motive of every church is to work for well-being of people. Apart from this other objective of the church include

1) Various programs on GGC life are incorporated in its schedule which in itself is a praiseworthy thing.

2) Through such programs church aims to fill the life of people with energy and passion. It teaches to live the life in the same manner as God wants.

3) They aim to develop a connection with God which is real and long lasting. It tries to teach people the various teachings of Jesus.

4) Youth empowerment is yet another motive of the Church.

5) They show people the right path live. Further, it also encourages and inspires people.

These motives of Jesus Grace Word Church in Sydney encourage the people to visit the church again and again. Last but not the least it is not any other ordinary church, but a place where you can interact with God and learn to live the life in a way he wanted. Jesus has inspired life of many people. If you want to meet Jesus and feel His presence you can visit here.

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An insight into the churches Sydney based

Visit Sydney and you will explore a number of churches here. Sydney is full of old traditional churches to modern day churches. It has some of the largest churches of Australia. The most common thing about the church Sydney based is that they believe in the presence of Jesus and works according to his teachings.

The Main aim of churches i Sydney

As we know Sydney is a place full of churches so the importance of these churches cannot be overlooked. The main aim of churches in and around Sydney is

1) Work for the upliftment of the society and work for the betterment of people.

2) To enlighten the youth and work for the youth empowerment.

3) To follow the path of God and help in establishment of spiritual connection with God.

4) To make people realize the presence of Jesus and what love God has for each and everyone in the world.

5) Help in the elimination of sorrows of people and make the world a happy and peaceful place to live.

Features of Churches in Sydney

1) Worship the God is a blissful and pleasurable experience

The churches are supported with all the facilities which aim at providing the comfort to all the people who come for prayers here. The beautiful courtyards add more pleasure to the experience of worship here.

2) A warm and hearty welcome to all the people

The kind of welcome and greet the worshippers are given in Sydney Church is simply commendable. This encourages the people to visit here again and again.

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